Quality and Environment


Wipro Infrasturcture Engineering Oy´s quality management system is based on the certified ISO 9001 standard.  The quality system has been developed to support and clarify our operations. Each employee is responsible for the quality of his/hers own work and operation.

Our welding processes are certified according to ISO3834-2:2005 standard.

The main principles of our quality policy are:

- uniform quality, on time delivery and willingness to serve customers

- product liability, fulfill the requirements of product safety

- development of our supply chain in co-operation with suppliers


For management of companys environmental responsibilities we follow the certified ISO 14001 environmental management system, legislation and local requirements. 

We pay attention to the environment in our operations so that as little harm as possible is caused to human beings or to the nature.

The main principles of our environmental policy are:

- to save the natural resources

- to reduce environmental impact 

- sustainable development (product life cycle)

- transparency in handling environmental issues

Standards and safety

Products manufactured by Wipro comply with the EU machine directive requirements. Our products have to fulfill the responsibility and the safety requirements set by local authorities from different market areas. Wipro has been actively participating in creating standards and safety requirements for transport industry.